Customer Service Job Description

The Customer Service Representative will act as the main point of contact between the company and the client they are assigned, and the Customer Service Representative must use the utmost care when handling the communication line between the two and ensure the highest level of service is provided. The Customer Service Representative must fully understand, analyze and evaluate the clients’ product offerings and the territory assigned and adjust accordingly for both. Our Customer Service Representative is expected to provide support from the initial point of contact through the entire sale including the closing procedure.

Customer Service Representative

✔️ Strong interpersonal and communication skills (written and verbal) along with the ability to persuade and influence others.
✔️ The ability to develop and deliver meetings and presentations.
✔️ Maintain a professional appearance and provide a positive company image to clients and customers.


✔️ The ability to multi-task and excel in a team-oriented, fast-paced environment.
✔️ Work in a group setting with the ability to coach and manage other individuals working for the same client.
✔️ Perform basic data entry.

Are you a skilled communicator with a passion for building strong client relationships? We are seeking a dedicated Customer Service Representative to act as a vital link between our company and our valued clients. Join our team and contribute to exceptional customer satisfaction and retention.

As a Customer Service Representative, you will be responsible for:

  • Establishing and maintaining open lines of client communication to ensure seamless interaction and support.
  • Conducting in-depth product analysis and territory management to better understand and cater to client needs.
  • Providing comprehensive sales support from initial contact through the entire sales cycle, including the closing procedure.
  • Leveraging strong interpersonal skills and the power of persuasion and influence to foster positive client relationships.
  • Employing excellent presentation skills to develop and deliver meetings and presentations that effectively convey our offerings to clients.
  • Maintaining a professional appearance to represent our company in the best light and create a positive impression on clients.
  • Excelling in a multi-tasking role within a group setting, collaborating with team members to achieve common goals.
  • Utilizing problem-solving skills to address and resolve any issues or concerns that may arise during client interactions.

By joining our team as a Customer Service Representative, you will play a crucial role in client relationship building and contribute to our ongoing commitment to customer satisfaction and retention. If you believe you have the skills and passion required to excel in this role, we would love to hear from you. Apply now and take the first step towards a rewarding career with our company.

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