In the ever-growing transportation industry, numerous job opportunities await drivers in the United States. This article will explore the various roles and benefits offered by Xpel1, a startup auto transportation company on a mission to make a difference. From CDL Truck Drivers to Non-CDL Drivers, and even Owner Operators, Xpel1 has a position for every skilled driver. Let’s delve into the exciting career opportunities that Xpel1 offers and discover how you can join our team to contribute to our growth strategy and success.


CDL Truck Driver

For Class A CDL Truck Drivers seeking a fulfilling career, Xpel1 presents an exceptional opportunity. As a CDL Truck Driver at Xpel1, you will play a crucial role in the company’s growth by ensuring the safe and timely transportation of customers’ new vehicles between reconditioning facilities and delivery hubs. Your responsibilities will include loading and unloading vehicles, route planning, and adhering to strict safety protocols, all while maintaining excellent communication with the dispatch team.

Xpel1 recognizes the value of experienced CDL Truck Drivers and is committed to providing a supportive work environment that prioritizes your professional development. By joining our team, you can expect competitive pay, comprehensive benefits, and opportunities for career advancement. Moreover, Xpel1 emphasizes work-life balance, ensuring that drivers have the flexibility to choose between regional and national routes based on our preferences.

If you have a valid Class A CDL, a clean driving record, and a strong work ethic, Xpel1 offers the chance to build a rewarding career in the auto transportation industry. By joining our team, you will contribute to a company that is revolutionizing the sector, providing unparalleled service to customers across the United States.

Non-CDL Driver

Xpel1 also offers exciting opportunities for Non-CDL Drivers who are passionate about auto transportation. As a Non-CDL Driver, you will be responsible for transporting cars using a non-CDL hotshot setup, allowing you to experience the thrill of car hauling without the need for a CDL license. Your duties will include vehicle pick-up, transportation, and delivery, while ensuring the safe handling of the freight at all times.

Required Skills for CDL and Non-CDL Drivers

Both CDL Truck Drivers and Non-CDL Drivers at Xpel1 need to possess a specific set of skills to ensure our success in the auto transportation industry.

  1. Car hauling experience (preferred)
  2. 21+ years of age
  3. No DWI/DUI within 7 years
  4. No criminal record within 5 years
  5. No moving violations within 3 years
  6. Basic smartphone/tablet skillset
  7. Great work ethic and team player attitude
  8. Ability to lift 50-60 pounds

By possessing these skills and qualifications, CDL and Non-CDL Drivers at Xpel1 can ensure the safe, efficient, and timely transportation of vehicles, contributing to the company’s commitment to providing exceptional service to its customers.


Joining the Xpel1 Team

We is dedicated to providing a rewarding and supportive work environment for both CDL and Non-CDL Drivers. By joining our team, you will become part of a fast-growing startup that values your skills, experience, and commitment to excellence in the auto transportation industry.

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    Owner Operator Truck Driver Job

    We is actively seeking Owner Operators to join our nationwide fleet. This opportunity is perfect for dependable drivers who meet the company’s high standards and are looking for consistent work, competitive pay, and a range of benefits. As an Owner Operator with Xpel1, you will have access to 24/7 dispatch services, quick pay, long runs, fuel cards, same-day pay options, and cash advances on loads and repairs. Insurance benefits are also available for purchase.

    Xpel1 Owner Operators: Trailers and Requirements

    Xpel1 works with a diverse range of trailers to cater to the unique needs of its Owner Operators.

    Some of the trailers used include

    • Single-vehicle hot-shot trailer
    • Single-level multi-car trailers
    • Multi-level, multi-vehicle trailer
    • Single-level, single-vehicle enclosed trailer
    • Single-level, multi-vehicle enclosed trailer
    • Multi-level, multi-vehicle enclosed trailer

    To become an Xpel1 Owner Operator, candidates must meet the following requirements:

    • Be at least 25 years of age
    • Have 2-3 years of trucking experience
    • No DUIs in the previous 10 years

    By fulfilling these criteria, you can join Xpel1 as an Owner Operator and take advantage of the numerous benefits and opportunities for professional growth that the company offers.

    Benefits and Application Process for Xpel1 Owner Operators

    Xpel1 offers an attractive benefits package to its Owner Operators, including consistent miles for steady income, top market prices, 24/7 dispatch services, quick pay options, cash advances on loads and repairs, fuel cards, and same-day pay options. Insurance benefits are also available for purchase. To apply, interested candidates must meet the specified requirements and submit an application, showcasing our trucking experience and commitment to providing reliable, high-quality service in the auto transportation industry.


    With opportunities for CDL Truck Drivers, Non-CDL Drivers, and Owner Operators, Xpel1 LLC presents a range of rewarding career options for drivers in the United States. By joining our team, you can contribute to the company’s growth strategy while enjoying competitive pay, comprehensive benefits, and a supportive work environment that values your skills and experience. If you are a skilled driver looking for a fulfilling career in the auto transportation industry, don’t miss the chance to join Xpel1 and be part of our mission to revolutionize vehicle transportation services nationwide. Apply today and start your journey towards a prosperous and satisfying career.